Wake up to the scent of wild rosemary mingled with fresh sea air, where the stillness

is only broken by birdsong and the faint clinking of rigging against the masts of sail boats.
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Summert art workshop – Ciuha Arts Studio

Professional art classes by Peter Ciuha, continuing the tradition of teachings by the acknowledged artist Jože Ciuha (1920-2015), are held from July 3 to August 27 on Šipan Island. The 2017 art programme includes the Figure and Poetry workshop and the Synthesis of the Old and New art program.

The Figure and Poetry workshop searches for the relationship between the content (poetry) and the form (figure). The forms are discovered in the process of the division of space - painted and empty shapes. Synthesis of Old and New is a unique art program based on the teaching method “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. Ciuha uses a teaching method involving his system of five elements of art: Play and experiment, Symbolic expression, Abstraction, Observation of nature and Expression – synthesis into the new.

Both processes include: free painting and watercolour, painting on plexiglass, illustration and caricature. For more information, please visit: https://ciuhaartstudio.wixsite.com/sipansummer/sipan-dubrovnik