Wake up to the scent of wild rosemary mingled with fresh sea air, where the stillness

is only broken by birdsong and the faint clinking of rigging against the masts of sail boats.
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About Croatia

Croatia, with its sunshine drenched beaches, chic night life and boundless cultural treasures, is not only a glamourous destination for global superstars and the mega-yachts of the super rich. It is also known as an old-fashioned country where people's hearts are closely bound to their time-tested folk traditions. This rare blend of glitz and authenticity has made Croatia one of Europe's best loved hotspots.

Croatian Tourism

Mass tourism hasn't changed Croatia as dramatically as one might imagine. ‘The Mediterranean As It Once Was’, a motto of the Croatian Tourism Board, is no exaggeration. Croatia's genuine culture and heritage are still thriving quite nicely. A country that is both Continental and Mediterranean, it offers a broad range of attractions for visitors of all inclinations and is as widely varied as its beloved national parks.  Although it is true that the most popular Adriatic destinations can be prohibitively expensive for some travellers in the summer, there are still countless places in Croatia that are quite friendly to more frugal adventurers. For those who prefer peace and quiet over glitz and glamour, there are plenty of island getaways waiting to be explored, from charming fishing villages in secluded harbors, to remote beaches on islets that can be safely reached by canoe or sea kayak.